We're building Variant Launch because if there is a metaverse, its WebXR.


Back in 2022 the Metaverse hype was in full swing - promising the concept of a shared 3D space, linked to the real-world & other people, where everyone can build or browse.

It’s clear that this won’t be a single app owned by a single company. It must be open, accessible, and permissionless. Fortunately, we already have a mature ecosystem for accessing content and running arbitrary code safely, and standards that mean users can experience this content regardless of their hardware or software: the web browser.

WebXR. Everywhere.

Today, WebXR is the best way of delivering XR experiences on the web, with one major flaw: No Apple device supports it.

Standards suffer in a fragmented ecosystem. Development progress only happens via passion (of individual developers) or patronage (companies seeing value and paying devs to build it). There will be far less people building and supporting WebXR if one of the largest platforms doesn’t support it.

Variant Launch enables low-friction WebXR access on iOS devices, as simple as scanning a QR code or tapping a button on a website. It means you no longer need to use WebAR SDKs or apps to deliver AR on Apple.
Variant Launch exists to enable companies to build and invest in WebXR today, which in turn enables developers to learn, build, and gain experience. My goal is to see WebXR become universal, low-friction and a part of every web-developers toolkit.

I originally had the concept for Launch almost a decade ago, but I always thought WebXR support in Safari was ‘just around the corner’; hidden behind feature flags, or due to launch with their long-rumoured headset.

After years of waiting, we’re taking the plunge regardless. Apple will eventually release WebXR support in Safari, and on that day Variant Launch will be totally obsolete: I look forward to celebrating Launch’s destruction with all of our customers, as their sites seamlessly swap over to native WebXR!

To support the adoption of WebXR and give developers access to learn, there will always be a free Variant Launch plan & developing on Variant Launch will always be free.

There will also be substantial discounts available for charities, environmentally-conscious products, and open-source projects.

Variant Launch is available now - click here to get started

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